Tim Gillespie

  • Tim Gillespie is a California native.
  • During College, he spent a year of mission service on Majuro, Marshall Islands (1992-93).
  • His first transition from Worship from a song service experience was at WillowCreek at their leadership conference in 1994.
  • He had completed a bachelor’s degree in English and in religious studies at La Sierra University (1995)
  • He accepted a call to ministry and moved to Berrien Springs (Andrews University)
  • He was a founding member of the band Big Face Grace where he is a vocalist.
  • He completed a master of divinity degree at Andrews University (1997).
  • Youth pastor at La Mesa Seventh-day Adventist Church 1997-2001.
  • He taught at La Sierra University.
  • Chaplain at Loma Linda Academy in 2001-2007.
  • He accepted the position of young adult ministries at Loma Linda University Church in 2007 where he served untill 2013.
  • He moved to serve Loma Linda University Medical Center as the Faith Community & Health Liaison (2013-).
  • In 2010 he co-founded the1Project with, Alex Bryan, Japhet de Oliveira, Sam Leonor and Terry Swenson.
  • 2009-2011 Doctor of Ministry at George Fox University in Semiotics and Future Studies, the Doctoral Program for Leadership in Emerging Culture at George Fox University under the direction of Leonard Sweet.
  • He is working as the Regional Chaplain for Azusa Pacific University’s regional center in San Bernardino and the High Desert as Director of Chapel Services for UnderGraduate Programs.
  • He is senior/lead Pastor at Crosswalk Church in Redlands (2015?-).
  • Tim writes worship music with Chris Picco, director of Music at re:Live ministry.
  • His latest work, with his father, Dr. V. Bailey Gillespie is titled Hey! Love Them and They Will Come (2012).
  • Other publications:
    • Steve Case (Editor) Shall We Dance: Rediscovering Christ-Centered Standards, Chapter on Dance by Timothy Gillespie. (1996)
    • V. Bailey Gillespie with Judith Gillespie and Timothy Gillespie, Keeping the Faith: A Guidebook for Spiritual Parenting. (2003)
    • North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists Department of Education with the John Hancock Center for Youth and Family Ministry at La Sierra University, The Potentials Project (Riverside, CA: Hancock Center Publications, 1999). Contributing editor.
    • Accent, editor Jonatan Tejel, General Conference Youth Ministries Dept., (2014) (Contributed Chapter).
    • For the One, edited by Nathan Brown, with Alex Bryan and Japhet De Oliveira, (2014) (Contributed 2 Chapters)
    • Our Call to DO Justice, Edited by Nathan Brown. (2014) (Contributed 1 Chapter)

http://www.hrclive.net/hrclive/speakers (2010?)

Under his leadership, the Sabbath morning youth group has expanded from an attendance of 42 in October 2007 to over 325 young adults crowding into the chapel (seating 270) ten months later, necessitating a move to Wong Kerlee Conference Center. ... Pastor Gillespie is purposeful when he speaks of his tasks at Loma Linda University Church: “to build a vision for the Young Adult ministry, to seek volunteers and others gifted in ministry to work with young adults, to build a vibrant and growing young adult community that resonates with the values of LLUC and the Seventh-day Adventist church; as well, to disciple them as they follow Jesus Christ in their particular journeys.”





Re:Live is the Young Adult Contemporary Worship Service of the Loma Linda University Church. We are not just a worship service, but a community focused on a life of real world service. Re:Live meets weekly on Saturday's at 10:25am in the Loma Linda University Church sanctuary.


... The myth of leadership tells us that it is important that others follow us. However, we want to make it abundantly clear that we are not seeking to have others follow us, rather, we are looking for others who are searching for the path that God has laid before each of us.

In this sense, those at Re:Live who have taken upon themselves the responsibility for certain ministries, who seek accountability within the community, and who have the task/blessing of organizing those who would like to serve choose rather to be called FOLLOWERS. We ask for this name because we believe that we have the privilege to Follow the risen Savior and help others to find peace in a relationship of service to Christ.


Re:Live is the official Young Adult community of the Loma Linda University Church. ...

The journey of a faith community to define itself within the context of the Gospel, the Greater Church, and its Community is always one that is rife with turmoil, trouble and blessings. No less so for the Journey of Re:LIve.
While Re:Live was created in October 2007, Re:Live really began its formation the first week in January 2008. At that point, the previous culture was broken and it was time to establish a new sense of community. These core values were agreed upon: Scripture and Experience, Authenticity and Transparency, Worship and Beauty, and Diversity and Movement. These values were preached about, and ministries were created according to these elemental values.

By June, 2008 it was clear that RE:LIVE was meeting a need in the community and university. Attendance had grown to about 250 people each week. New ministries with a focus on outreach, community, and mission were growing and a small group young people went on a missional journey called “The 12” and small groups were started.

Tim Gillespie has been the key mover in the formation of Re:Live Ministry.

Roy Ice became associate pastor for young adult ministry at Re:Live in 2014.


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