The One project

Jesus. All.

Celebrating the supremacy of Jesus in the Seventh-day Adventist Church

These gatherings came about through a simple conversation between friends in the summer of 2010. We were mostly exhausted and all seeking something that might resemble answers. Why does any of this matter? "We figured our those answers for ourselves – and renewed our lives, rededicating ourselves to the essential answer to all our questions – Jesus. All."

Alex Bryan and Japhet De Oliveira – on behalf of the entire One project leadership team – welcome you to experience JUST JESUS


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In september 2009 the senior pastor for Walla Walla Univesity Church was the key note speaker for the Week of Spiritual Emphasis at Andrews University.  Thursday afternoon, September 17 he sat together with Japhet de Oliveira talking for hours about life and Jesus. That was the start of multiple conversations leading to the first mini-gathering.  The two later invited Sam Leonor, Tim Gillespie and Terry Swenson.

Alex Bryan and Terry Swenson had been together at George Fox University and at this point Tim Gillespie and Sam Leonor had been there since 2009.  Sam Leonor claims they were all friends and their common mission, understanding, theology etc. was forged together before they decided to do Fox together.

July 18 - 19 2010, Alex Bryan, Japhet De Oliveira, Sam Leonor, Tim Gillespie and Terry Swenson got together at the Holiday Inn in Denver. They had planned this gathering for over a year.  "We were mostly exhausted and all seeking something that might resemble answers. Why does any of this matter?"  After two days together they acknowledged again that Jesus was number one.  "We figured our those answers for ourselves – and renewed our lives, rededicating ourselves to the essential answer to all our questions – Jesus. All."

The One project is based out of the Office of Campus Ministries at Andrews University.

From Adventist Today, July 10, 2014

At a meeting of The One Project board in April 2014, the movement’s leaders took some steps toward a more formal organization. Bylaws, an organization chart and a list of goals and projects were voted.

The mission statement of the movement was clarified with the change of one word. The purpose of The One Project is now to “celebrate the supremacy of Jesus Christ through the Adventist Church” instead of “in” the church. This evidently signifies a broader, missional focus for the initiative instead of limiting its vision to the internal life of the denomination.

A new type of activity voted at the meeting is one-day gatherings convened in collaboration with local churches. These would include both local speakers and at least one speaker from the leadership team.

The document makes it clear that The One Project is not an independent ministry, but “a denominationally supported activity … hosted at the Boulder [Colorado] Seventh-day Adventist Church” and connected to the denomination’s Rocky Mountain Conference. Officers and board members are required by the document to be members of the denomination “in good and regular standing.”

The board is defined as including the five original founders of The One Project as long as they wish to participate, Adventist clergy and “lay members” elected for defined terms at biannual meetings, and a representative from each of the denomination’s world divisions in which the project operates. The divisions currently involved are North America, South Pacific and the two European divisions.

The five founders are listed as Pastor Alex Bryan (senior pastor of the Walla Walla University Church in Washington), Pastor Japhet de Oliveira (pastor of the Boulder Church and former chaplain at Andrews University), Pastor Sam Leonor (chaplain at La Sierra University), Pastor Timothy Gillespie and Pastor Terry Swenson (both now chaplains and faculty member at Loma Linda University, although Swenson was an academy principal when the project started). Many of the other current board members are either campus chaplains at Adventist colleges and universities or pastors of local churches near Adventist institutions.



  • USA - Atlanta, February 7-8, 172 participants
  • Finland - Helsinki, October 31-November 1


  • USA - Seattle, February 13-14, 700+ participants
  • Denmark - Copenhagen, November 2-3


  • USA - Chicago, February 11-12
  • Norway - Drammen (Mjøndalen), April 5-6 (removed from the "Past Gatherings"-list. Is it because Alex Bryan canceled his visit?)
  • Australia - Newcastle, July 20-21
  • Great Britain - Bracknell (Binfield), Newbold College 1-3 nov
  • USA - Berrien Springs, MI, Andrews University, November 8-10
  • USA - Riverside, CA, La Sierra University (spanish), November 8-10


  • USA -Seattle with satellite transmission to Orlando, February 10-11
  • Australia - Sydney, July 19-20
  • Australia - Perth, July 26-27, 200+ participants
  • Brasil - São Paulo (Portuguese), October 13-14
  • Netherlands - Utrecht, October 24-26
  • USA - Riverside, CA, La Sierra University (spanish), November 8-10
  • New Zealand - Auckland, November 8-9



  • USA - San Diego, February 7, generation ONE (for 14-17 years olds)
  • USA - San Diego, February 9-10, >1100 participants
  • Australia - Melbourne, July 17-18
  • Australia, Avondale College, July 24-26
  • USA - Boulder, August 8-9: 1:1
  • Netherlands, Utrecht, September 5-6
  • New Zealand, Christchurch, November 7-8
  • USA - Riverside, CA, La Sierra University (spanish), November 13-15


  • USA - Seattle, February 14-15, 1323 participants
  • USA - Seattle, February 15: Advance Conference
  • USA - Seattle, February 16: The Create Conference
  • Australia - Sydney, July 20-21, 170 participants
  • Australia - Perth, August 27-28, 100 participants


  • USA - February 24: Creative Worship
  • USA - San Diego, February 25-26: The Revelation of Jesus Christ Conference
  • USA - San Diego, February 27: The Create Conference: Creating the Future
  • USA - Arlington, April 28-29: 1:1 DFW YG Church
  • USA - Atlanta, October 21-22: Sola Scriptura (no recordings)


  • Australia - Sydney, February 3-4 (no recordings)
  • USA - San Diego, February 11-12: Sanctuary "Oh, How I Love Jesus" (no recordings)
  • USA - San Diego, February 11-12:: Global Resource Collective Conversation

This ends the One project gatherings. Next chapter in the local churches.


  • USA - New York, October 7-10: the Gospel in the city



  • USA - Boulder, February 16-17: The Great Disruption, 300+ participants
    • Australia - Sidney, October 2-4

 The Founders

He studied at Southern Adventist University (B.A. History, Religion), Andrews University (M.Div.), and George Fox University (D.Ministry: "The Role of Human Emotion in Christian Discipleship").

The largest portion of his ministry (11 years) was spent planting and pastoring a church in Atlanta--a congregational mission to reach young adults disinclined to participate in traditional church settings.  Alex Bryan was senior pastor of the Walla Walla University Church from 2009 - 2013, where he also served as adjunct professor in the schools of religion and business at Walla Walla University.  He is now  president of Kettering College of Medical Arts in Kettering, Ohio.  He will Return to his old post at Walla Walla University in summer 2014.


He is a graduate of Andrews theological Seminary and a Doctor of Ministry (Leadership in the Emerging culture) from George Fox University in Semiotics and Future Signs.

He served Loma Linda Academy as their Chaplain 2001 -2007.  Then he served as the young adult pastor at the Loma Linda University Church untill 2013.  He has recently moved to serve Loma Linda University Medical Center as the Faith Community & Health Liaison.

Tim is a vocalist in Big Face Grace (search together with Sam Leonor.


He has degrees from Southern Adventist University, Andrews University, and is a doctoral candidate at George Fox University, Leadership in the Emerging Culture.

He works as Pastor to the students and faculty of La Sierra University.

Sam plays bass and sings in Big Face Grace (search together with Tim Gillespie.


Japhet earned his BA in theology and an MA in religion with a certificate in church growth from Andrews University on the Newbold College campus. He is currently considering which doctoral program to pursue.

He comes from England where he served as Youth Director for the South England Conference of Seventh-day Adventists from '03-'06.  He served as University Chaplain at Andrews University, leading faith development on campus for students and supporting faculty and staff and as Senior Pastor for the One Place community on Campus. He was also an adjunct professor in youth ministry at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary.  From 2014 he serves as senior pastor at Boulder Seventh-day Adventist Church in Boulder, Colorado.


  • Terry Swenson, Loma Linda University

Pastor Swenson earned his Doctor of Ministry degree from George Fox University with an emphasis in the areas of postmodernism, cross-cultural and global interactions and leadership.

He serves as campus chaplain and an associate professor of the School of Religion for Loma Linda University. He has held that position for 15 years. He has served in the pastoral ministry for 28 years.






The1Project -  the official site

The Philosophy of THE ONE PROJECT, by Japhet de Oliveira is found on:

The document has 8 References:

  • Jim Belcher, (2009). Deep church: A third way beyond emerging and traditional. (not mentioned in the text) Foreword by Richard J MouwEndorsed by Scot McKnight, Mark Oestreicher (president Youth Specialties), Tony Jones and Alan Hirsch among others.
  • Kenda Creasy Dean, (2010). Almost Christian: What the faith of our teenagers is telling the American church. Kenda Creasy Dean is an United Methodist and professor of youth, church, and culture at Princeton Theological Seminary.
  • Edwin H. Friedman, (2007). A failure of nerve: Leadership in the age of the quick fix. He was an ordained Jewish Rabbi and a family therapist.
  • Michael Frost, & Alan Hirsch, (2009). ReJesus: A wild messiah for a missional church.  The book is endorsed by Sally Morgenthaler, Eddie Gibbs, Tony Jones, Gregory Boyd and back cover endorsed by Dan Kimball and Leonard Sweet.
  • Gabe Lyons, (2010). The next Christians: The good news about the end of Christian America. Gabe Lyons is an emergent writer who promotes the restoration of the Kingdom of God here and now, beginning a new age of hope on this earth.
  • Erwin McManus, (2008). Wide awake: The future is waiting within you.
  • Simon O. Sinek, (2009). Start with why: How great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action. He is an author best known for popularizing the concept of "the golden circle" and to "Start With Why", a simple but powerful model for inspirational leadership all starting with a golden circle and the question "Why?'.
  • Ellen White, (1898). The desire of ages

Alex Bryan in Adventist Ecclesiology and THE ONE PROJECT Later that year [2010], reading the German theologian Jürgen Moltmann, the meaning and significance of the Denver dialogue’s direction came into focus for me. He writes:
The crisis of the church in present-day society is not merely the critical choice between assimilation or retreat into the ghetto, but the crisis of its own existence as the church of the crucified Christ. The question of ecclesiology, however unpleasant it may be for conservatives and progressives, is no more than a short prelude to its internal crisis, for only by Christ is it possible to tell what is a Christian church and what it not.

Two critiques:

Japhet De Oliveira states that "We're trying to create a safe place to say that Jesus is the center of the church and always has been." In other words, he is saying that it is not safe in the Adventist church to say that Jesus is the center of the church. He said that he is "especially trying to support those who have been frustrated with the church." It is apparently an attempt to put the focus on Jesus and away from doctrine. There were 700 attendees at Seattle 2012.

And a critical report from the Seattle 2014 gathering can be found here:

Each person was asked to place a drop of oil in the hand of the person to their right and read the following blessing printed from a card placed before each person.

The Blessing
May you be blessed with
Compassion for those around you,
The courage to be who you are,
Gentleness and a tender heart,
openness, understanding, and respect,
strength that shines from within,
and the power to make
Jesus.  All.

This seems to secure some room for Kingdom Now-theology, repenting-phobia, dialectic philisophy and pantheism / mysticism that is so central to the Emerging Church.


The Leonard Sweet Connection

  • 4 of the 5 founders earned DMin degrees at George Fox University directly under the professorship of Leonard Sweet.  Also notice the emergent/postmodern themes they studied (in the left frame). George Fox University is affiliated with the Quaker tradition and the Wesleyan Methodist movement.
  • Leonard Sweet thanks Alex Bryan, Dan Kimball, Terry Swenson and 18 other of his doctoral students in his book indispensable relationships you can't be without (2007).
  • Tim Gillespie and Sam Leonor is given thanks in Acknowledgements in Leonard Sweet's book So Beautiful (among 27 other students).
  • At the 2012 Seattle gathering, the fee included a copy of I Am a Follower: The Way, Truth, and Life of Following Jesus by Leonard Sweet.

  • Leonard Sweet's book Jesus Manifesto is quoted in the booklet given out at the Seattle 2012 gathering, promoted on one of the leaders Blogs as one of his suggested "books to read" and used as a title for a week-of-prayer type meeting presented by another of the five leaders.

  • Leonard Sweet is the main attraction at the gathering in Seattle 2014:

This next year, instead of simply having books on the table, we are going to provide a couple authors—LIVE!

We are pleased that Dr. Leonard Sweet, who has been a frequent presenter at Adventist gatherings over the past decade, will be joining us this February. He is author of several books, including The Jesus Manifesto, which argues for the centrality of Jesus in the Christian experience. Dr. Sweet holds a high view of scripture, of the church, and of Jesus Christ. Of note, Sweet made this comment following a recent visit to Union College: "I don't think you can go deep as a follower of Jesus without first being in some way a Jew. Seventh Day Adventists teach us this better than anyone. I also believe that Jesus pulls us from the future even more than he pushes us from the past. In other words, our orienting is always towards the promise of his appearing. Seventh-day Adventists teach us this better than anyone. Thx! Adventists for adding so much to the body of Christ."

Other Emergent Church Connections

  • At the 2012 Seattle gathering, the fee included a copy of Simply Jesus: A New Vision of Who He Was, What He Did, and Why He Matters by N. T. Wright7 Keys for Finding Jesus in the Book of Revelation, by Steve Case and Daniel Wysong, and I Am a Follower, by Leonard Sweet.
  • On the first two blog posts at, we find:
    • 2011 May 28: Read One. Life. by Scott McKnight, brilliant insight into a personal journey of faith application. below.
    • 2011 Dec 8: Maybe you’ve read Craig Groeschel works before or heard him speak at Catalyst. His latest work “Weird: Because normal isn’t working” is a great push towards a life for Jesus first.
  • In Japhet De Oliveira refers to Wide Awake: The future is waiting within you by Erwin McManus regarding the story of Peter walking on water.

  • Dan Kimball serves as Professor of Missional Leadership at George Fox University. He was a classmate of Alex Bryan (2007).
  • Notice all the emergent/spiritual formation books Alex Bryan recommends as background/resource in Alex Bryan page - in the right frame
  • John Ortberg is scheduled to speak on Serious Discipleship at the 2015 San Diego Gathering.


A similar non-adventist event is the SimplyJesus gathering, featuring N. T. Wright (Author of Simply Jesus: A New Vision of Who He Was, What He Did, and Why He Matters), Philip Yancey, Tony Campolo (founder of the Red Letter Christian movement) and others.  The slogan is "Jesus may be a bit different than we think".  Simply Jesus is a Gathering (not a conference), to foster conversation and communication about Jesus. What he:

  • thought – about life
  • believed – about reality
  • felt – in different settings
  • said – to whom about what
  • did – for whom and under what circumstances
  • loved – each one uniquely

  • 2012 Walla Walla University Week of Prayer: Speakers: Sam Leonor, Tim Gillespie, Lisa Clark-Diller, Paddy McCoy, Japhet de Oliveira, and Alex Bryan.
  • Newbold 2013: Speakers: Bjørn Ottesen, David Franklin, Terry Swenson, Dejan Stojkovic, Sam Leonor, Sam Davis, Laurence Turner, Karin Wieczorek, Kyle Dever
  • Seattle 2014: Speakers: Bill Knott (editor of the Adventist Review), and Leonard Sweet, Dilys Brooks (campus chaplain at Loma Linda University); Susan Zork (professor of religion at Andrews University) Jaci Cress Perrin (adjunct faculty member at Adventist University of Health Sciences); Raewyn Hawkins (senior pastor in Victorville, California), Anna Romuald (associate pastor at Southview Adventist Church in Minneapolis), Randy Roberts (senior pastor at the University Church in Loma Linda), Manny Arteaga (church planter in the Southern California Conference), Edsel Cadet (associate pastor at Kingsboro Temple in Brooklyn, New York City), David Franklin (associate pastor at Berea Temple in Baltimore), Alex BryanSam Leonor, Tim Gillespie, Tommy Poole, Paddy McCoy, Karl Haffner, Garrett Speyer, Tyler Stewart, Dwight Nelson. 
  • Utrecht 2014: Speakers: Bobby Bovell, Dilys Brooks, Hans Ponte, Japhet De Oliveira, Kirsten Øster-Lundqvist, Laurence Turner, Sam Leonor, Steven Hubert, Tim Gillespie, Tom de Bruin, Alastair Agbaje.
  • San Diego 2015: Speakers: Randy Roberts, John McVay, Japhet De Oliveira, Alex Bryan, Tim Gillespie, Ivan Williams, Laurence Turner, Chris Oberg, Karl Haffner, Sam Leonor, Emily Whitney, Michaela Lawrence Jeffery, Dilys Brooks, Dwight Nelson, Tom de Bruin and John Ortberg.
  • Boulder 2015: Speakers: Japhet De Oliveira, Alex Bryan, Terry Swenson, Douglas Logan, Sam Leonor, Mark Johnson, Dena King and Monica Wernick.
  • Utrecht 2015: Speakers: Japhet De Oliveira, Tom de Bruin (Secretary Netherlands Union Conference), Chris Oberg (lead pastor of the La Sierra University church), Stephan Sigg (Youth Director Euro-Africa Division), Sam Leonor, Tim Gillespie, Jeroen Tuinstra (President at the Belgian-Luxembourg Conference), Laurence Turner (head of the Theology Department at Newbold College), Karin Wieczorek (Pastor in Sweden), Enrico Karg (Pastor Amsterdam) and Wim Altink (President Netherlands Union Conference).
  • Christchurch 2015: Speakers: Japhet De Oliveira, Alex Bryan, Terry Swenson,Sam Leonor, Drene Somasundram, Yvonne Hypolite.
  • Seattle 2016: Speakers: Paul Dybdahl (Head Elder and teaching Missiology at Walla Walla University), Raewyn Hankins ( senior pastor of the Victorville Adventist Church of Green Tree in Victorville, California), Iki Taimi (senior pastor of the Gardena Genesis Community Adventist Church, California), Brandy Kirsten (wife of Chaplain Brennan Kirstein at Southern Adventist University), Emily Poole (Adjunct Professor of English at Walla Walla University), Karl Haffner (Karl Haffner is senior pastor of the Kettering Seventh-day Adventist Church), Ofa Langi (Pastor in North Cascade Seventh-day Adventist Church, Burlington WA), Matthew Gamble, Tara VinCross (Lead Pastor of REACH Philadelphia Seventh-day Adventist Church), Zane Yi (assistant professor of theological studies in the School of Religion at Loma Linda University), David Franklin (Assistant Pastor of Berea Temple Church in Baltimore), Macy McVay (Assistant Pastor, East Salem Church, OR) , Jennifer Scott (former Pastor on the campus of Southwestern Adventist University in Keene TX, currently directing children’s ministries for First United Methodist Church in Dallas), William Johnson (former editor of the Adventist Review), Dilys Brooks (campus chaplain and director of the Center for Women Clergy at Loma Linda University), Alex Bryan and Tim Gillespie. Charles Tapp (Senior Pastor at Sligo seventh-day adventist church, Tacoma Park MD) is no longer on the list.
  • The Create Conference 2016: "It will focus on conversation among leaders from around the world for a hopeful, faithful, constructive, creative and prophetic future for the Adventist Church." Speakers: Alex Bryan: A Local Revolution, Tim Gillespie: Why Good Theology Requires Place, Lisa Diller (Professor of History at Southern Adventist University): The Work of Neighborhoods, Japhet De Oliveira: How the Local Church Can Bless the Global Church, Sam Leonor: Why Higher Education Needs Local Congregations and Paddy McCoy (campus chaplain at Walla Walla University): Local Work: Mentoring and Trusting the Next Generation.
  • Resound 2017: by Sam Leonor and Elia King.
  • The Revelation of Jesus Christ Conference 2017: "It focuses on the prophetic book of Revelation and offers hopeful perspectives that link prophecy with the Gospel."  Speakers: Alex Bryan - Senior Pastor Walla Walla University Church; Steve Case - President, Involve Youth; Damian Chandler - Senior Pastor Capitol City Church; Tim Gillespie - Lead Pastor Crosswalk Church; Sam Leonor - University Chaplain - La Sierra University; Karl Haffner - Senior Pastor Kettering Adventist Church; William Johnsson - Author & Retired Editor for the Review; Dena King - Small Business Entrepreneur; Iki Taimi - Senior Pastor Gardena Genesis Community Church; Laurence Turner - Retired Head of the Department of Theological Studies, Newbold College; Timothy Nixon - Executive Secretary, Lake Region Conference; Chris Oberg - Senior Pastor, La Sierra University; Jenniffer Ogden - Children & Family Pastor Walla Walla University; Randy Roberts - Senior Pastor Loma Linda University Church; Kendra Haloviak Valentine - Professor of New Testament Studies, La Sierra University; Mark Witas - Senior Pastor, Pacific Union College
  • The Create Conference 2017: Featuring presenters Alex Bryan, Sam, Leonor, Tim Gillespie, Laurence Turner, Denis Fortin, Kendra Haloviak Valentine, Zan Long, Danni Sherwood and Gordy Gates.
  • 1:1 DFW 2017: Confirmed by February: Tim Gillespie and David Franklin.
  • Sola Scriptura 2017: Alex Bryan, Dilys Brooks - Chaplain - Loma Linda University, Karl Haffner - Senior Pastor Kettering Adventist Church, Sam Leonor - University Chaplain - La Sierra University, Iki Taimi - Senior Pastor Gardena Genesis Community Church, Timothy Nixon - Executive Secretary, Lake Region Conference, Paddy McCoy from Walla Walla University.
  • Sanctuary "Oh, How I Love Jesus" 2018: Dilys Brooks - Chaplain - Loma Linda University, Karl Haffner - Senior Pastor Kettering Adventist Church, William Johnsson - Author & Retired Editor for the Review, Brandy Kirstien - Family Nurse Practitioner, Chris Oberg - Lead Pastor, La Sierra University, Terry Swenson, Laurence Turner - Retired Head of the Department of Theological Studies, Newbold College, Iki Taimi - Senior Pastor Gardena Genesis Community Church, Randy Roberts - Senior Pastor Loma Linda University Church, Austin Roberts - Associate Pastor - Sunnyvale Seventh-day Adventist Church, Mark Witas - Lead Teaching Pastor, Pacific Union College, Paddy McCoy - Young Adult Pastor - Kettering Adventist Church, Sam Leonor, Tim Gillespie, Alex Bryan, Japhet De Oliveira
  • Global Resource Collective Conversation 2018: Mike Speele, Japhet De Oliveira, Alex Bryan, Tim Gillespie, Zan Long, Jessyka Albert, Red Long.
  • "Before All Things", 2019: Tim Gillespie, Jennifer Ogden (Family & Children's Pastor, Walla Walla University Church, Walla Walla, WA), Sam Leonor, Timothy Golden (Professor of Philosophy, Walla Walla University, Walla Walla, WA), David K. Ferguson ( Senior Pastor, Collegedale Church of Seventh-day Adventists, Collegedale, TN), Alex Bryan, Paddy McCoy (Young Adult Pastor, Kettering Adventist Church, Kettering OH) and Moe Stiles (Lead Pastor, Oasis Christian Center Adventist Church, Vancouver, WA).
  • "The Great Disruption, 2020": Andreas Beccai (Lead Pastor, Walla Walla University Church), Alex Bryan Japhet De Oliveira, Lisa Clark Diller (The History & Political Studies Department Chair, Southern Adventist University), Tim Gillespie, Sam Leonor, Paddy McCoy (Young Adult Pastor for the Kettering Adventist Church), Tacyana Nixon (Teaching Pastor for One Place Fellowship, Andrew University), Iki Tami (Senior Youth & Young Adult Ministries Director, Southern California Conference)
  • Sidney, 2020: Alex Bryan, Tim Gillespie, Japhet de Oliveira, Paddy McCoy, Sam Leonor and more.

A "short" (38 pages) evsluation of  The One Project, written by Pastor Jan Voerman from the Netherlands in 2014, can be found here:

Pagesdirecting here: