mini Curriculum Vitae for some Adventst leaders in the emergent or spiritual formation aisle



Raj Attiken

1967-71 BA religious philosophy and theology, Spicer Memorial, India

1978-79 MA Andrews Univ. Religious Studies

1995-98 DMin, United Thological Seminary, OH. Congrgational Studies

1971-86 Pastor in Ohio

1986- Ohio Cconference administration

1988-1998 Ohio Conference Executive Vice President

1998-2013 Ohio Cconference President

2014- Principal Instructor/Organization Coach

2004-13 Founder/Director International/National Conference on Inovation

Publication: Refreshed: A New Paradigm for Church Leadership (2012)

Ryan J. Bell

1994 BA Weimar College

1998-2000 MDiv Andrews Univ.

2011 DMin in Missional Leadership, Fuller Theological Seminary Making Space for the Spirit: Cultivating Missional Identity in the Hollywood Seventh-day Church) under Alex Roxburgh

1994-98 Pastor in Pennsylvania

2000-05 Pastor in Philadelphia

2005-13 Senior Pastor of the Hollywood SDA Church

2000- Founder & Coordinator, re-church network

Missional Churches and Leadership, Fuller Theological Seminary, Guest Lecurer

Churches in the World, Fuller Theological Seminary, Guest Lecturer

2014- Atheist

Alex Bryan

1993 majors in history and religion, Southern College

1996 MDiv, Andrews Univ.

2009 DMin, George Fox Univ., Leadership in the Emerging Culture, "The Role of Human Emotion in Christian Discipleship" under Leonard Sweet and class mate with Dan Kimball.

1996-2002 Pastor in New Community Fellowship, Atlanta

2007- Pastor for Mission and Ministry on the staff of the Collegedale Church

2009-13 pastor Walla Walla University Church

2013-14 president of Kettering College of Medical Arts in Kettering, Ohio

2014- Senior pastor Walla Walla University Church

2010- the ONE project co-founder and Board Member

author of The Green Cord Dream (2012)

Jon Dybdahl

1965 BA Theology Pacific Union College

1966 MA Systematic Theology, Andrews Univ.

1967 MDiv, Andrews Univ.

1981 PhD in Old Testament at Fuller Theological Seminary

1967-68 assosiate pastor in Northern California

1968-74 Thailand Mission

1974-76 Church pastor and professor, Singapore's Southeast Asia Union College

1981-89 Professor of Theology, Walla Walla Univ.

1989-90 Thailand Mission

1990-96 Director of the Institute of World Mission/Department of World Mission, Andrews Univ.

1996-2002 Thailand Mission

2002-2006 President of Walla Walla Univ.

Dr. Dybdahl is an adjunct professor for the Doctor of Ministry program at Andrews Univ.. He teaches the Spiritual and Theological Foundations for Ministry module, a major component of all DMin projects.

2006 editor of the Adventist Study Bible project

2014- President of Gospel Otreach

author of Hunger (2008)

Jeffrey Gang

1988-91 BA Theology, Southern College of SDA

1992-95 MDiv Practical Theology, Andrews Theological Seminary

1999-2005 DMin Practical Theology, Fuller Theological Seminary: Learning to Love Well: A Holistic Strategy for Youth Ministry at the Crosswalk Seventh-day Adventist Church

2013-2018? PhD, Theology, University of Aberdeen

1995-2004 Pastor Forest Lake SDA Church, Apopka, FL

2005-2012 Pastor CrossWalk SDA Church

2008- Loma Linda Univ.: Teaching for the School of Religion

2012- Pastor Anaheim SDA Church

2013- La Sierra Univ.: Professor

2000 co-founder   GODencounters

Matthew W. Gamble

BA Theology Andrews Univ.

MDiv Andrews University

2008 DMin Transformational Leadership, specifically looking at trends of effective Gospel communicators in a postmodern culture

VagaBondservant Intíl

consultant to the Center for Secular and Postmodern Studies

senior consultant with the Center for Creative Ministry

advisor to the North American Division Young Adult Advisory and the Adventist Christian Fellowship board

Tim Gillespie

1990-95 BA, English & Religion, La Sierra University

1995-97 MDiv, Andrews University

2008-11 Dr. of Ministry, Semiotics and Future Studies, George Fox University

2011- Loma Linda University Health, Adjunct/Assistant Professor

2014- Lead Pastor Crosswalk Church

Big Face Grace, vocals, guitar, gourd

2010- the ONE project co-founder and Board Member

co-author of hey! love them and they will come (2011)

Roy Ice

Andrews University


2012 Graduate

Chaplain, Center for Youth Evangelism

Youth Pastor, Azure Hills Church, CA

2005-11 Campus Chaplain, Pacific Union College

Associate Pastor, Pacific Union College

2012 Pastor of the Napa Community SDA Church in Napa, CA

2014 associate pastor for young adult ministry (Re:Live), LLUC

Big Face Grace, percussion, vocals

consultant to the ONE project group


Michael Knecht

1994-96 MDiv Andrews University

2012-14 Master of Business Adm., Claremont Graduate Univ.

2013- Chief Experience Officer, Loma Linda Univ. Medical Center

Big Face Grace, guitar, dulcimers

Sam Leonor

 George Fox University


Big Face Grace , bassist and BGV

2010- the ONE project co-founder and Board Member

A Allan Martin

MA, Psychology, Fuller Theological Seminary

MA, Theology, Fuller Theological Seminary

PhD, Clinical Psychology, Fuller Theological Seminary

Associate Professor of Discipleship and Family Ministry at Andrews Univ.

young adult ministry coordinator for the North American Division

2010- Pastor, Younger Generation Church

Young Adult pastor for the Arlington, Texas, SDA Church


2000 co-founder   GODencounters

Japhet Oliveira

1991-95 BA Theology

1995-97 MA Religion, Newbold College

2003-06 South England Conference, Youth Director

2006-2009 CYE Assosiate Director

2009-12 CYE, Director,

2012-13 Andrews University, University Chaplain

2014- Boulder SDA Church, Senior Pastor

2010- the ONE project co-founder and Board Member

principle author of SDA Senior Youth Ministry Handbook

Miroslav Pujic

Newbold College, England

Masterís degree in Missiology at Fuller Theological Seminary

DMin from Andrews Univ. specialising in the impact of postmodernism on society and its effect on evangelism

Director for Ministry to Postmoderns, Trans-European Division

authored the LIFEdevelopment holistic ministry

Samir Selmanovic

1985-90 BA structural engineering, Univ. of Zagreb

1992-94 MA Developmental Psychology Andrews Univ.

1991-95 MDiv Religion Andrews Univ.

1994-97 PhD Religious education, Andrews Univ

6 years Pastor in New York

2002/3-2007 Pastor Crosswalk Church, CA

2007- Faith House Manhattan, New York

Coordinating Group at Emergent Village

Faith House Manhattan

cofounder of Re-church Network

author of Itís Really All About God


Terry Swenson

DMin Postmodernism, Globalization, CrossCultural Interaction and Leadership, George Fox Univ.

1997- Campus Chaplain, Associate Professor of the School of Religion, Loma Linda Univ.

2010- the ONE project co-founder and Board Member

Zane Yi

1996-2000 BA, Theology Southern Adventist University

2003-05 MA Philosophy, Loyola Maryount University

2004-06 MA Theology, Fuller Theological Seminary

2006-13 PhD Philosophy, Fordham University


2013- Loma Linda University Religion Professor


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