Japhet De Oliveira

Japhet De Oliveira (1972-) earned his BA in theology and an MA in religion with a certificate in church growth from Andrews University on the Newbold College campus. He is currently considering which doctoral program to pursue.

He comes from England where he served as Youth Director for the South England Conference of Seventh-day Adventists 2003-2006. He served as Director for the Center for Youth Evangelism 2006-2012. He served as University Chaplain at Andrews University, leading faith development on campus for students (2012-2013) and supporting faculty and staff and as Senior Pastor for the One Place community on Campus. He was also an adjunct professor in youth ministry at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary. From 2014 he serves as senior pastor at Boulder Seventh-day Adventist Church in Boulder, Colorado.





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The document has 8 References:

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    Senior Youth Ministry Handbook


    This handbook is the result of hundreds of leaders around the world sharing their experience and knowledge. Special thanks to principle author Japhet De Oliveira for revising the 2005 edition and adding new chapters. Thanks also to the editorial team: Gilbert Cangy, JonatŠn Tejel, Japhet De Oliveira, and Erica Jones.



    N. T. Wright and Leonard Sweet is refereced positively on page 18 in a session which is tending much to Kingdom Now theology - i.e. on page 21:  The eternal life that begins with confidence in Jesus, through the Holy Spirit is a life in his present Kingdom, now on earth and available to all. The message of the Kingdom of God is good news for our life now, not just for when he comes a second time. It is about living now as his apprentices in Kingdom living. Our future is a natural extension of the faith by which we live now.



    Page 74 & 77 & 208: It is our vision to see the emergence of a Seventh-day Adventist youth movement, transitioning from simply church membership to authentic discipleship.

    Page 120 & 217: The Emergence of a Global Youth Community, United in Small Groups and Bound to the Wider Church Community.

    Page 176 & 219: The Emergence of a Global Youth Movement Living Radically and Dangerously in Mission and Service, Proclaiming and Demonstrating the Kingdom of God.


    [The further reading list is a combined list of books on researches, leadership and ideas.  This list is complete.]

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