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Scot McKnight is an American New Testament scholar, historian of early Christianity, theologian, speaker, author and blogger who has written widely on the historical Jesus, early Christianity, the emerging church and missional church movements, spiritual formation and Christian living. He is currently Professor of New Testament at Northern Baptist Theological Seminary in Lombard, IL.  McKnight considers himself an Anabaptist and has also written frequently on issues in modern Anabaptism.

McKnight is a popular author and speaker on issues related to the emerging church, with his blog being named the most popular blog online related to the movement.  He has generally been a proponent of the movement and supported many of the movement's aims. However, in recent years he has expressed some concern about the direction of the movement, particularly regarding the "emergent" stream within the emerging church and some of the work by his friend Brian McLaren. Yet McKnight does continue to support much of what the movement symbolizes, including much of McLaren's work.


  • Open to the Spirit: God in Us, God with Us, God Transforming Us (2018)
  • It Takes a Church to Baptize: What the Bible Says about Infant Baptism (2018)
  • How I Changed My Mind about Evolution (2016) cowriter with 24 others
  • The Heaven Promise: Engaging the Bible's Truth About Life to Come (2015)
  • A Fellowship of Differents: Showing the World God's Design for Life Together (2015)
  • A Long Faithfulness: The Case for Christian Perseverance (2015)
  • Kingdom Conspiracy: Returning to the Radical Mission of the Local Church (2014)
  • Sharing God's Love:The Jesus Creed for Children (2014) with Laura McKnight Barringer
  • Sermon on the Mount (The Story of God Bible Commentary) (2013)
  • Jesus is Lord, Caesar Is Not: Evaluating Empire in New Testament Studies (2013) with Joseph B. Modica
  • Junia Is Not Alone (2011)
  • The King Jesus Gospel: The Original Good News Revisited (2011) (2016)
  • The Letter of James, part of the New International Commentary on the New Testament (2011)
  • One.Life: Jesus Calls, We Follow (2010)
  • Fasting: The Ancient Practices (2009)
  • The Blue Parakeet: Rethinking How You Read the Bible (2008) (2018)
  • A Community Called Atonement: Living Theology (2007)
  • The Real Mary: Why Evangelical Christians Can Embrace the Mother of Jesus (2006)
  • Praying with the Church: Following Jesus Daily, Hourly, Today (2006)
  • The Story of the Christ, with Philip Law (2005)
  • Jesus And His Death: Historiography, the Historical Jesus, And Atonement Theory (2005)
  • The Historical Jesus in Current Study, ed. with James Dunn (2005)
  • Embracing Grace: A Gospel for All of Us (2005, 2012)
  • The Face of New Testament Studies, ed. with Grant Osborne (2004)
  • The Jesus Creed: Loving God, Loving Others (2004)
  • Turning to Jesus: The Sociology of Conversion in the Gospels (2002)
  • The Synoptic Gospels: An Annotated Bibliography, with Matthew Williams (2000)
  • A New Vision for Israel: The Teachings of Jesus in National Context (1999)
  • 1 Peter, NIV Application Commentary (1996)
  • Galatians, NIV Application Commentary (1993)
  • Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels, ed. with Joel Green & I. Howard Marshall, (1992)
  • A Light among the Gentiles (1992)
  • Introducing New Testament Interpretation (1989)
  • Interpreting the Synoptic Gospels (1988)




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