Emerging Church - links

Emergent Village - the think tank
From Emergent Village to New Age
Emerging Voices blog
The CANA Initiative
Fuller Theological Seminary - a hotbed university for mergent thought

Georg W F Hegel - The "prophet" of the Emergent Church
Ernst Bloch - philosopher
Marcus J. Borg - theologian and influential voice in progressive Christianity
Jürgen Moltmann - The source of Emergent theology and eschatology
Marcus Borg - liberal theolog
Alice Bailey, I and II - the theosophical similarities
Ken Wilber - the source of Emergent philosophy
Don Beck - Spiral Dynamics
Peter Drucker - management consultant
Bob Buford - Leadership Network
Norman Vincent Peale - Positive Thinking
Robert Schuller - Crystal Cathedral
Gilbert Bilezikian - Willow Creek
Bill Hybels - Willow Creek
Mike Yaconelli - Youth Specialties
Emergent Writers
Not all af these writers will call themselves emergent, but they are contemporary and promote/embrace the emerging church movement/thought in one way or another.
Bill Hybels - Willow Creek



Heresy resources

These websites are listet because they contribute to expose heresy in post modern christianity etc.  In doing so, we are not implying that we necessarily endorse their doctrinal position in every subject.

Amazing Discoveries

Apprising Ministries - awakening to the light of Scripture - from Connecticut River Baptist Church

The Berean Call

CARM - Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry

Fighting for the Faith - A Pirate Christian Radio Production

Kjos Ministries - www.crossroad.to

Let Us Reason Ministries

Lighthouse Trails Research Project - Exposing the Dangers of the "New Spirituality"

In Plain Site

Sound Witness - Contending for the faith. A Lutheran apologetics ministry dedicated to keeping "false" out of doctrine

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