Jeff Gang

Jeff Gang, associate pastor of the Crosswalk Church in Redlands graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary in 2006 with doctor of ministry degrees.  Gang's thesis was entitled "Learning to Love Well: A Holistic Strategy for Youth Ministry at the Crosswalk Seventh-day Adventist Church"nference.

  • Jeff Gang, August 31, 2006 at This (Eat This Book) by Eugene Peterson) is a great book. I hightly recommend anyone reading it---especially for Seventh-day Adventists who have historically used Scripture to prooftext our beliefs. Peterson is trying to encourage us to learn to read the Bible spiritually, e.g. Lectio Divina. It's actually part of a trilogy on the Bible by Peterson. I used this book as a resource for a sermon I did at CrossWalk earlier this year on "Learning to Read the Bible Again." It was very helpful.

  • Samir Selmanovic in It's Really All about God, Acknowledgements: I am grateful to those of you whose influence, professional help, friendship, and support Samir in It's really all about God. sustained me while writing this book: ... Jeff Gang, ...
  • In Crosswalk Church's July 2008 bulletin Jeff Gang offers a Learning Course based on The Secret Message of jesus by Brian McLaren.

  • Jeff Gang presented "Testimonies of Struggle" on the Re-Church Loving Babylon Conference, August 28-31. Other presentators were Ryan Bell, Samir Selmanovic, Brian McLaren, George Knight, Monte Sahlin, Jon Paulien and others.

  • September 2009:

    • I discovered Moltmann several years ago while working on my doctorate at Fuller Theological Seminary.
    • I’ll be hanging out in Chicago this week with my friend Ryan Bell who blogs at Intersections. This week he posted some reflections on the Spectrum blog about the conversation with Moltmann. Ryan wonders what kinds of questions to ask Moltmann.
    • I thought I’d share some reflections from the 2009 Emergent Theological Conversation with Jürgen Moltmann last week—one of the best Emergent gatherings I’ve attended. Props to JoPa Productions and the First Presbyterian Church of Libertyville, IL., for making this happen. Our two days with Professor Moltmann gave me a deeper appreciation for this man … and he made me proud of my German heritage too!

A Allan Martin

Allan Martin was a Associate Professor of Discipleship and Family Ministry at Andrews for several years before taking a call to return to pastoral ministry. He also served as the young adult ministry coordinator for the North American Division. He previously served as a pastor in the Orlando, Florida area, and is currently the Young Adult pastor for the Arlington, Texas, Seventh-day Adventist Church.

In 2000 A Allan Martin co-founded GODencounters with Jeff Gang.

  • A. Allan Martin's book recommendations can be found in the right column.

  • A. Allan Martin in Link 2Uth - 3:

    2006 GODencounters Conference: Hearing the Voice of Grace

    Finally, an opportunity for young adults to come and explore the spiritual disciplines that Jesus invites us to!” lauded Matthew Gamble, a featured presenter at the 2006 GODencounters Conference held in Florida. “Finally, an atmosphere where young adults can come and worship God freely! . . . God is up to something huge.”

    Gamble was among over 3,200 attendees who shared in the 10-day gathering focusing on rest and refreshment that God offers in “Sacred Space” also known as Sabbath. Based on the Biblical passage of Matthew 11:28-30, young adults experienced worship sessions, prayer rooms, concerts, and social venues giving emphasis to Godʼs desire for us to learn the “rhythms of grace.” Admittedly, being still enough to hear the voice of grace is not easy. ...

    Gamble along with Terry Hershey, Michael Card, and Elia King encouraged young adults to create “living” room in their lives, where the white noise of “busyness” doesn’t drown out the deeper life that Christ is drawing us toward. In music, Biblical preaching, interactive prayers, and group discussions, the value of sacred space was affirmed. ...

    Engineering major, Ruben Moore, 17, shared, “GODencounters has taught me to be still with God, allowing the sacred space in my life to be led by His presence.” Sacred Space is more than stillness, more than Sabbath observance; It’s living life according to God’s rhythm and delighting in relationships with Him and His children. GODencounters afforded young adults a chance to explore this together and encourage each other in that journey. ...

    A. Allan Martin is also the NAD point person for Growing Young Adventists (#GYA). which partners with Fuller Youth Institute.

Matthew Gamble

Matthew Gamble (1976/7 -) was born and raised Catholic, but became an atheist at the age of 14. Increasingly fascinated by the Rastafarian religion, Matthew found himself on the island of Jamaica at the age of 19, and soon began smuggling marijuana into Miami, Florida. Shortly after that time, he met a Seventh-day Adventist pastor who gave him a Bible. As he began exploring the teachings of Jesus, his life began to transformed from the inside out. Since that time, he has received a BA in Theology as well as a Masters of Divinity from Andrews University. In 2008, he completed a Doctorate in Ministry with an emphasis in Transformational Leadership, specifically looking at trends of effective Gospel communicators in a postmodern culture. He is presently serving full time with VagaBondservant Int’l, a non-profit ministry. Additionally, he is a senior consultant with the Center for Creative Ministry (a privately funded and managed para-Church ministry, fully recognized by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America. Monte Sahlin is its chairman and Ryan Bell was another member), and has served as a consultant to the Center for Secular and Postmodern Studies. He also serves as an advisor to the North American Division Young Adult Advisory and the Adventist Christian Fellowship board. Matthew has served as a volunteer chaplain with the Seattle Police Department and spent two years volunteering as a teacher at the Union Gospel Mission of Seattle.

  • Matthew Gamble's first book, Reboot Your Spiritual Life, was published in 2010 by AdventSource.
    " How to Reboot Your Spiritual Life is a distinctive book in the Discovery Category of the iFollow Series for several reasons. One of these is the personal way in which one young person struggles to discover Christ in the midst of a church life that seems strange and confusing to him. It is also an inspiration to “rebooting” our own spiritual lives through focusing on the most important things."

  • Matthew Gamble was a guest speaker in Europe at:
    • Adventist Youth Congress (TED) in Novi Sad, Serbia in July-August 2013
    • Nordic Youth Congress at Ekebyholm, Sweden in October 2015
    • Danish Union Conference at Himmerlandsgården, Denmark in May 2017

  • Matthew Gamble became the pastor at Elmshaven SDA in California in July 2012. The results are described at Add in that the church gives 2 yoga sessions and 3 zumba sessions per week (2017).

  • Matthew Gamble wrote a reflection at in February 2015.

  • Matthew Gamble's domain is dead.

  • From - May 28, 2009:
    • What preacher/communicator do you look up to? Why?

      • Mark Driscoll: Mars Hill Church Seattle, WA – While I don’t entirely agree with his theology, I appreciate his exegetical care of the Word of God. ...

      • Rob Bell: Mars Hill Bible Church Grand Rapids, MI – Again, while I don’t agree with all of his theology, I appreciate his willingness to tackle difficult books of the Bible (ie Mars Hill launched the church by doing a sermon series on the book of Leviticus). I also value the creativity he brings to the table.
      • Matt Chandler: The Village Church (somewhere in Texas) – Again, I appreciate his focus on the Bible and his relevant approach to scripture.
  • Gamble Recommends The Ragamuffin Gospel and Signature of Jesus books by Brennan Manning, which promote contemplative prayer.

  • book review by Matthew Gamble Jun 01, 2010:
    • The Vertical Self: How Biblical Faith Can Help Us Discover Who We Are in An Age of Self Obsession, byMark Sayers. Foreword by Leonard Sweet. Endorsed by Shane Claiborne, Chris Seay and Alan Hirsch:

      I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is in ministry as well as anyone who loves God and desires a deeper walk with Him. Your time will not be wasted, rather enriched as you read!




    GODencounters is an experientially-based faith movement among young Adventist adults. Co-founders are Jeff Gang and A. Allan Martin. GODencounters is not about indoctrination, but about worship, discipleship, and relationship.

    GODencounters aims to deepen devotion to Jesus by developing disciples who walk recklessly
    in His footsteps. Their desire is to:

  • Live lives of worship
      It is our desire to experience the presence of the Living God 24/7. Beyond religious rituals expressed occasionally, we’re learning to worship GOD as a way of living life.
  • Be agents of present gospel
      It is our desire to experience the power of GOD’s everlasting gospel. We’re learning, again or for the first time, the good news that Kingdom living begins now. Today is one more day in eternity, and I live in that new reality.
  • Gracefully express compassion
      It is our desire to experience the power of GOD’s everlasting gospel. We’re learning, again or for the first time, the good news that Kingdom living begins now. Today is one more day in eternity, and I live in that new reality.
  • Pray without ceasing
      It is our desire to experience the presence and power of the living GOD through a life of prayer. We’re learning to seek deep intimacy with God continually, without ceasing. Prayer and meditation shape our lifestyle.
  • embrace Sabbath as soul CPR
      It is our desire to experience GOD’s Sabbath rest on the 7th day and beyond. We’re learning to make the invisible spirit tangible in the visible realm. Rest, God’s restoration and renewal, forms the rhythm of life. We desire GOD to “re-create” His spirit in us.
  • Morph into his likeness
      It is our desire to experience the presence of the living God in all that we are. in all that we do, and in all that we say. We are Learning to live a life of integrity like Our Lord and Saviour Jesus - becoming apprentices of the Master Teacher. GOD is changing us from the inside out.
  • Celebrate in jubilee
      It is our desire to experience the joy of the Living God in all that we are, in all that we do, and in all that we say. We’re learning to live a life of joyous celebration because of our Lord and Savior Jesus; rejoicing and joining in His delight. We live life in the reality of GOD’s victory.

  • The Art of -Being Still’: A Work in Progress. Here are some helpful hints for -being still.’ First, identify -sacred space’ where you spend nonnegotiable time with God free of distractions. Second, take some deep breaths imagining Christ breathing the breath of life into you and you exhaling out your worldly cares. Third, ask God to speak to you. If you choose to read Scripture, ask yourself what might God be telling you in that passage. Next, learn to listen. If you find your mind wandering, slowly repeat the name of Jesus over and over again.
  • Team Recommended Readings for Theme Development

    A Allan Martin’s Recommended Resources for the GODencounters Curriculum Themes.  He started GODencounters and serves as curriculum coach.

    Henry and Richard Blackaby: Experiencing God: Knowing and doing the will of God (Expanded ed.).

    Rob Bell (Speaker) Breathe 014 [DVD]

    Dallas Willard: The divine conspiracy

    Shane Claiborne: The irresistible revolution: Living as an ordinary radical

    Greig, P., & Roberts, D. (2006). Red moon rising: How 24-7 prayer is awakening a generation.

    Rob Bell (Speaker). Open 019 [DVD]

    Wayne Muller: Sabbath: Finding rest, renewal, and delight in our busy lives.  He is endorsed on his webside by Henri Nouwen and the book is endorsed by Neale Donald Walsch.

    Terry Hershey: (Speaker): The art of doing nothing: Letting our souls catch up with our bodies [DVD].

    John Ortberg: The life you’ve always wanted: Spiritual disciplines for ordinary people

    Tony Campolo The kingdom of God is a party: God’s radical plan for his family
    R. Swartwelder: (Writer/Director/Producer) The least of these [DVD]


    Andy McDonald’s Recommended Resources for the GODencounters Curriculum Themes.  He has been part of the pastoral support team for GODencounters since 2001.


    Louie Giglio: The air I breathe. Endorsed by Michael Yaconelli, owner Youth Specialities

    Franklin M. Segler: Christian worship: Its theology and practice


    Ken Blanchard: We are the beloved

    Morris Venden: 95 Theses on righteousness by faith: Apologies to Martin Luther.

    Morris Venden: Love God and do as you please: A new look at the old rules

    Ellen White: Steps to Christ.


    A. G. Daniels: Christ our righteousness

    Charles Swindoll:. Grace Awakening.


    Richard Foster: Prayer: Finding the heart’s true home


    Abraham Joshua Heschel: The Sabbath: Its meaning for modern man.

    Lauren Winner: Mudhouse Sabbath. Endorsed by Brian Mc Laren.


    Parker J. Palmer: The Active Life

    Leslie Weatherhead: The Transforming Friendship: A book about Jesus and ourselves


    Benjamin & Rosamund Zander: The Art of Possibility: Transforming professional and personal life

    Ryan Bell’s Recommended Resources for the GODencounters Curriculum Themes.  He was the presenter for GODencounters 2003.


    Mark Labberton: The dangerous act of worship: Living God’s call to justice. Foreword by John Ortberg.


    Dallas Willard: The divine conspiracy


    Miroslav Volf: Free of charge: Giving and forgiving in a culture stripped of Grace. Volf received two advanced degrees under Jürgen Moltmann.


    Northumbria Community: Celtic daily prayer

    David Adam: The rhythm of life: Celtic daily prayer.  He is the Vicar of Holy Island, Lindisfarne.


    Marva J.. Dawn: Keeping the Sabbath wholly: Ceasing, resting, embracing, feasting.  Front cover endorsement by Eugene Peterson.


    Ched Myers: The biblical vision of Sabbath economics.  His other books is endorsed by Walter Wink, Jim Wallis (x2), Walter Brueggemann (x2),


    Elisa Brown’s Recommended Resources for the GODencounters Curriculum Themes.  She served as volunteer coordinator for GODencounters 2005 and has presented across the country about this young adult movement.


    A. W. Tozer: Whatever happened to worship?: A true call to worship  Tozer is an evangelical pastor, but he gratefully acknowledged his spiritual debt to St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross, and Brother Lawrence.


    Dallas Willard. The divine conspiracy.


    Philip Yancey. What’s so amazing about grace?


    Pete Greig & Dave Roberts. Red moon rising: How 24-7 prayer is awakening a generation.


    Wayne Muller. Sabbath: Finding rest, renewal, and delight in our busy lives. He is endorsed on his website by Henri Nouwen and the book is endorsed by Neale Donald Walsch.


    John Ortberg. The life you’ve always wanted: Spiritual disciplines for ordinary people


    Erwin McManus (Speaker). Party Theology


    Tami Cinquemani’s Recommended Resources for the GODencounters Curriculum Themes.  She was part of the volunteer team for GODencounters 2002-04.


    Leonard Sweet. The gospel according to Starbucks: Living with a grande passion


    John Ortberg. If you want to walk on water, you’ve got to get out of the boat


    Philip Yancey. What’s so amazing about grace?


    Mark Buchanan. The rest of God: Restoring your soul by restoring Sabbath.  Endorsed by Phyllis Tickle and Philip Yancey,


    Adam Heck’s Recommended Resources for the GODencounters Curriculum Themes.  He has been one of the hosts for GODencounters since 2007.


    Donald Miller. Blue like Jazz: Nonreligious thoughts on Christian spirituality


    Pete Greig. God on mute: Engaging the silence of unanswered prayer. Foreword by Brian McLaren.


    Richard Foster. Celebration of discipline


    Dany Hernandez’s Recommended Resources for the GODencounters Curriculum Themes.  He was coordinator for GODencounters 2008.


    Nancy Ortberg, N. (2008). Looking for God: An unexpected journey through tattoos, tofu, and pronouns. She is the wife of John Ortberg and both worked as pastors forr Willow Creek Community Church 1994 - 2002/3.


    Margaret Feinberg, 2007). The organic God.


    Vince Antonucci, (2008). I became a Christian and all I got was this lousy t-shirt: Replacing souvenir religion with authentic spiritual passion. Endorsed by Brian McLaren, Doug Pagitt and Leonard Sweet.


    Marc Judd’s Recommended Resources for the GODencounters Curriculum Themes.  He was worship leader and presenter for GODencounters 2002.


    Jack W. Hayford, (2000). Worship His Majesty: How praising the King of Kings will change your life.


    Brent Curtis & John Eldredge (1997). The sacred romance: Drawing closer to the heart of God.  In the Bibliography is listed The Ascent to Truth and The Wisdom of the Desert, by Thomas Merton and The Way of the Heart, by Henri Nouwen

    John Eldredge (2004). Epic: The story God is telling and the role that is yours to play.


    John Eldredge (2008). Walking with God: Talk to Him. Hear from Him. Really.

    While living in Los Angeles Eldredge was looking for a "worldview." After exploring other religions, Eastern mysticism, Lao-Tzu, and New Age spirituality, before he came to Christ and later to the church.  He is listed as one of the top 25 Christian leaders who promote contemplativemystics.


    Alex Pinilla’s Recommended Resources for the GODencounters Curriculum Themes.  He has been part of the pastoral support team for GODencounters since 2003.


    Louie Giglio. The air I breathe: Worship as a way of life.   Endorsed by Michael Yaconelli, owner Youth Specialities


    Erwin McManus. Soul cravings


    Philip Yancey. What’s so amazing about grace?


    Richard Foster. Prayer: Finding the heart’s true home


    Abraham Joshua Heschel. The Sabbath: Its meaning for modern man


    M. Robert Mulholland Jr.: Invitation to a Journey: A road map for spiritual formation.  (Methodist professor.  On the Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation& Leadership's list of Faculty presenters and retreat leaders he is listed together with Jesuit Bernie Owens,  Tony Campolo, Shane Claiborne, Dallas Willard and Richard Foster)


    Tony Campolo. The kingdom of God is a party: God’s radical plan for his family


    Resources and Links for Prayer Rooms:


    • Baker, J. (2003).Transforming Prayers, 40 Unique Experiences for Youth Ministry.
    •  Ruth Haley Barton:
      • Sacred Rhythm (2006).
      • Invitation to Solitude and Silence (2004). Foreword by Dallas Willard.  Endorsed by Tilden Edwards.
      • The Truths that Free Us (2002)  Foreword by Lynne Hybels. Endorsed by Gilbert Bilezikian. (Both is Connected to Willow Creek)

    "Excellent books about the journey into contemplative prayer and spiritual disciplines.  Great curriculum for small group. Very inspiring for own personal prayer Journey."

    "An excellent book for introducing youth to contemplative prayer and celebratory worship Great inspiration for prayer rooms."

    "The book presents all the different types of prayer experiences."

    • The Holy Bible.
    • Pete Greig & Dave Roberts (2003). Red Moon Rising. Lake Mary, FL:

    "How to establish 24-7 prayer rooms in your own community."

    • Daniel Henderson (2004). Fresh Encounters: Experiencing Transformation through United Worship-Based Prayer

    "A new approach to leading a prayer movement in our church communities."

    • Tony Jones:
      •  (2003) Soul Shaper.

    "Shows how faith can come alive in practice and the past come alive in the present."

      • Read, Think, Pray, Live (2003).

    "A guide to praying through scripture. Lectio Divina."  The bibliography includes The Classical Monastical Practice of Lectio Divina, by Thomas Keating, Lectio Divina by Basil M. Pennington and Words to Savor by Eugene Peterson.

    • Randy Maxwell:
      • If My People Pray. (1995). Pacific Press
      • Bring Back the Glory. (2000) Pacific Press

    "Powerful and inspirational books that call Godʼs people back to a life-style of prayer. Can be used for prayer room ideas and themes, small group curriculum, starting or reviving a prayer ministry, or personal prayer devotions."

    • Jeannie Oestreicher and Larry Warner. Imaginative Prayer for Youth Ministry. (Youth Specialties)

    "An excellent, excellent guide to transforming the spiritual lives of youth though prayer and an encounter with Jesus."

    • Stormie Omartian (1995):
      • The Power of a Praying Parent
      • The Power of a Praying Wife
      • The Power of a Praying Woman
      • The Power of a Praying Husband
      • The Power of Praying Together


    • Ann Spangler.  She has also authored The Catholic Women's Devotional Bible.

      • Praying the Names of Jesus (2006)
      • Praying the Names of God (2004)

    "Great inspiration for prayer rooms."

    "Covers planning a pray room, establishing key principles, and creative ideas.  Explores history of tabernacle and holy space."

    "Each chapter ends with a prayer that captures the yearning and thirst that I feel for God."

    "A 40-day spiritual journey. A blueprint for Christian living in the 21st century based on Godʼs eternal purpose, not cultural values."

    • Bruce Wilkinson (2000). The Prayer of Jabez.  The book has sold 9 million copies and has been compared to prosperity gospel.


    • 24-7 Prayer Room: "the official 24/7 Prayer Movement website."
    • Dynamic Prayer: "Dynamic prayer is about developing more effective prayer & making prayer meetings dynamic & enjoyable."
    • Labyrinth: "An on-line & actual prayer labyrinth."  The Labyrinth path has three stages - the 'inward' journey, the centre and the 'outward' journey. The theme of the 'inward' journey is letting go of things which hinder our wholeness and inner approach to God. The centre of the Labyrinth is a space of meditative prayer and peace. The theme of the 'outward' journey is relationship - with ourselves, with others and with the planet - seen in the light of our relationship with God.
    • Operational World: "Quite simply the ultimate resource to help you pray around the world meaningfully."
    • Teen Mania: "Daily devotional "
    • Zinzendorf: "The official websites of the main man behind the mad Moravian 100 years meeting of prayers."  Count Nicholas Ludwig von Zinzendorf - the Ecumenical Pioneer -was a controversial and  transformative influence in the 18th century.  He is largely regarded as the father of the Protestant Mission movement.
    • The 24-7 Prayer Manual:  The site is dead.  The book is authored by Pete Greig and David Blackwell.
    • All Nations House of Prayer: "A non-stop prayer & worship site."  Led by Apostle Darius Twagirayesu and Prophetess Mwaka Twagirayesu. She honors her Spiritual Father, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams, the founder and father of the Charismatic Movement in Ghana and other parts of West Africa.
    • International House of Prayer: "A non-stop prayer houses based in Kansas City, US."  An evangelical missions organization that is committed to praying for the release of the fullness of God’s power and purpose.
    •  "A site to learn more about contemplative spirituality."  With a Picture of the founding member  Thomas Keating.
    • Learning about the Taize community and Taize services. Very inspiring for prayer room development.
    •  "Daily contemplative prayer on-line."  Offers also Pray with the Pope.

      The site now also offers monthly Rosary Meditations.
    •  "A very cool on-line prayer community that invites one to answer the questions: Where have you found God today and Where do you need to find God today." An experience offered by Loyola Press
    •  "Can access a 3-minutes on-line retreat."  Redirects now to Loyola Press, a Jesuit Ministry.

     Some GODencounters retreat or conferences

    • 2002: (Fade)
    • 2003: Ryan Bell
    • 2005, May 27-June 4, Apkopka, FL,Sam Leonor (Child of God) 2, Ken Rogers
    • 2005: November 4-6, Kamp Kulaqua, FL
    • 2006: Apkopka, FL,May 26-June 3: Matthew Gamble Learning the Rythms of Grace: (The Road Less Traveled)(To Be or Not To Be) (Zaccheus) (The Temple)
    • 2006: Nov 3-5: Florida: Matthew Gamble
    • 2008: Orlando, May 21-23,
    • 2008: May 23-25, Forest Lake Church, The Kingdom of GOD is a Party and U R Invited!, Bernie Anderson
    • 2008: Pennyslvania, June 20-21, 2008, Hamburg, PA featuring Matthew Gamble
    • 2008: New Jersey, June 27-28, at the Tranquil Valley Retreat Center, Tranquility, NJ, with Matt Gamble, Malou Cornago, Oscar Rodriguez, Damian Chandler
    • 2008: Bernie Anderson
    • 2009: February 6-8: Camp Winnekeag, MA, Lisa Hope
    • 2009, May 22 - 23 Orlando. Fri night, Sat morn May 23 Sat Even
    • 2009: University of Washington: January 23-24: Matthew Gamble (Relentless)
    • 2009:North Carolina September 11-13: Matthew Gamble
    • 2010 Massachusettes, February 5-7, GODencounters Retreat: Get the Good News!
    • 2010 Georgia February 26-27: Journey: A Deeper Experience
    • 2010 Oregon March 26-27
    • 2010 Missouri, April 22-25, GODencounters Summit: Going Green for God
    • 2010 Tennessee May 26-29
    • 2010 Washington, June 11-19
    • 2010: Pennsylvania June 18-19, GODencounters: Incredible Journey
    • 2010 Hillsboro, Oregon June 25-26
    • 2010 Atlanta July 1-3, GRACEfull, Matthew Gamble
    • 2010 Carolina Sep 10-12
    • 2010: Baltimore October 8-9: Matthew Gamble (restore: rebuilding relationships through rejuvenating faith)
    • 2010 Oregon October 29-30
    • 2011: Arlington September 15-17: Matthew Gamble (Rhythms of Grace).  Invitation cites Eugene Peterson, Terry Herschey and Wayne Muller (Endorsed on his web site by Henri Nouwen)
    • 2012: Arlington August 30-September 1: Sam Leonor (Be Present)
    • 2013: Camp Winniekeag, February 1-3,Ashaburnham, MA. (Compassion.)
    • 2013: Camp Mohaven, Ohio: February 15-17,
    • 2013: Arlington: September 19-21: (Just Dance)
    • 2015: Arlington: November 5-7: Steve Case (Jesus Revealed: Jesus Revered)
    • 2016: Atlantic Union. September 2-5: Edsel Cadet (Surrender all to Christ)
    • 2017: Atlantic Union. February 10-12: Leominster, MA. Benjamin Lundquist.
    • 2018: Atlantic Union, February 23-25: Leominster, MA. Elden Ramirez (President Montana Conference). Special Guests: A. Alloan Martin (Pastor Younger Generation Church, Bob Cundiff (President Northern England Conference) and Rohann Wellington (Communications Director Greater New york Conference).
    • 2020 Atlantic Union, February 14-16: Leominster, MA.

    Adventist Review, October 13, 2005, p. 14-15: Something More: How an encounter with God revolutionized my spiritual and devotional life, by Erika Larson Hueneke:

    Lyris and the other volunteers behind the GEc curtain sought to stretch young adults to experience God in ways that might at first feel uncomfortable, but would, they hoped, bring blessing and deeper intimacy with Jesus.

    Prayer room coordinator Heather Magray believes that introducing people to corporate contemplative practices (such as Lectio Divina and centering prayer) and also to experimental prayer rooms (such as the ones set up to allow visitors to pray through the different stations of the cross and the Old Testament sanctuary) helps to stretch them out of their comfort zones. "God wants to stretch us," she said. "I think it’s helping us to look at things a little bit differently and more open-mindedly. That can be hard—it’s hard for me to do that. But we’re giving people permission to do that."

    Pages directing here: