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Adventist Heresy Resources

The Emergent Church and it's infiltration into Protestantism and the Seventh-day Adventist Church:


Books and Booklets


  Red Alert: Hurtling into Eternity, by Herbert Douglass

 Dramatic Prophecies of Ellen White,by Herbert Douglass

 The Omega Rebellion, by Rick Howard

 The Dangers of Contemplative Prayer, by Howard Peth

 Hidden Heresy, by Thomas Mostert

 Deceived by the New Age, by Will Baron

 Meet It, by Rick Howard, 2014

 Tremble,by David Fiedler, 2014


 Modern Mysticism -Brought to Light, by David Fiedler.  Download PDF here:

 The Emerging Church Trap –Avoid the Bait, by Steve Wohlberg

 Worship at Satan's Throne, by Steven Bohr

 The Mystic Omega of Endtime Crisis, by Carsten Johnsen. Download PDF here:


Videos –by SDA presenters

 Operation Iceberg presents Omega Emerging

The presentations can be viewed at or at YouTube:

The Omega Rebellion series, by Rick Howard

The Omega: the Train of Deception Progresses, by Rick Howard

Total Onslaught,by Walter

Repairing the Breach by Walter Veith

The Wine of the Babylon by Walter Veith

Be Not Silent by Andrew Henriques,

What’s So Bad about Spiritual Formation, Jon Witcombe, 12.09.09

Audio GYC Florida 2014, by John Jovan Markovic:


Spiritually Experiencing God - The Alpha and Omega, part 1

Spiritually Experiencing God - The Alpha and Omega, part 2

Spiritually Experiencing God - The Alpha and Omega, part 3 & 4

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ADVENTISTS AFFIRMhas a focus on the fundamental beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and the feeling of liberalizing trends.


Amazing Discoveries

End of Time 7 - Preparing Advent believers and others for the crisis Ahead

The Great Controversy

Spiritual Formation SDA - John Witcombe, a Seventh-day Adventist pastor in Oregon




Non-Adventist Heresy Resources

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