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  • Aug 23 Rob Bell: A New Mind event
  • Aug 22 Bil Hybel's misconduct allegations and resignation + The Practice
  • Jun 26 Tony Jones, The Sacred Way resource list
  • Jun 25 Convergence in Chardin's Worldview



The Bible - Bible texts etc.

Ellen G. White - Was she a prophet? - And her writings

Who Is Who - listing of every person with a dedicated or shared site on sayyesor.no.

Whose Is What listing of persons and organisations with its own website.
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Bible Topics

The Parables of Jesus

Church Topics

Charismatic Church
Emergent Church:
- Church Growth - Kingdom of God - the One project
Spiritual Formation:- meditation etc.
The Omega Crisis
Adventist "revivals":    

- New Age vs. Emergent Church



Isn't that Christian?- Ben Hur, Narnia, C. S. Lewis , You Raise Me Up, Bridge Over Troubled Water

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